Well it’s time to tell you how we came about breeding Boston Terrier’s.

It all started with someone very close to me had been battling with ongoing surgeries than to his surprise he found out that he had CANCER and just hid it for the longest time from close ones do to the fact that the doctor gave him less than a year meaning he most likely wouldn’t make it to the holidays.   

Needles to say it was very heartbreaking not the typical news most people would like to hear about their close one's or loved ones.

So that is when  I decided to go out and buy a puppy to lift his spirits, went to the local pet store bought a Puggle closest thing that was apartment size and She looked and reminded him of is Boxer he once had. Yes different BREED but for him it worked and of course, it was love at first sight...

A little story about Isis



"The Puggle"


The first week this loving puppy stayed by his side and never left him. They were inseparable not long after, ISIS became very sick she was showing signs of an I would call it a person who is going through Chemotherapy themselves with vomiting and/or diarrhea nonstop. Isis was rushed to the vets and that’s when we found out that she had a virus called 


She had four Plasma (blood) transfusions total, I.V Therapy around the clock; she had full medical treatment that was being given to her to treat this "NASTY DISEASE".I would have to say she was a FIGHTER and no one was giving up on her at all the Vet was getting excited with her progress as the days rolled by (getting closer to over a week now). Then unfortunately, she came down with Pneumonia. There was nothing else anyone could do anymore. She has just been through enough We just didn’t have the heart to have this go on any longer I truly believe everyone tried their best for her.

Looking back she was a very happy puppy! Every time we went in to visit no matter how tired she was or how she looked she always had a habit of getting really close to you climbing into your jacket and hide in the sleeve area. Even then, she was a character and a lovable pup. She came into our lives for a reason. Like my favorite saying goes everything and everyone enters your lives for one reason or another. And she had entered ours for Several. Although this was one of the hardest things to do but we had to do what was best for Isis she was put down.

Isis may be gone but Will Never Be Forgotten.


After going through all of this. The Vetinarian wanted to know where we had purchased Isis we shared all of the information about this PATHETIC Pet Store! Who held such a wonderful name until There Doors had a beautiful sign saying CLOSED Out Of BusinessYou may be asking yourself why such animosity but when I had purchased this puppy my vet just so happened to treat Isis's sister. A week before she went in with the same problem and she too passed away  I myself could not image another family member going through what we had just gone through and the Pet Shop knew about this and continued to sell their puppies instead of incubating them. Now this is what makes me SICK. Vetinarian also felt the same way and Stated that this is very common when puppies and what I also like to call myself. Puppies that come from PUPPY MILLS or Backyard Breeders!

 However, my story does not end there the person I had bought the puppy for had gone to his doctors for a routine checkup. To our surprise and the doctors, he was in remission and until this day, no cancer cells found. Till this day no one knows how this had happened but if you ask us it was that little angel puppy that we had called ISIS that had taken his sickness with her when she left us that sad day.

 And that’s when it all started for us we wanted to help other families in completing their family with a puppy that comes from a loving home and not a PUPPY MILL or again a Backyard Breeder.  So that’s when we went out on a hunt for the perfect dog and came upon our first female Boston Terrier who is also known as Hoopz. After her first litter we had to keep at least one of her pups. That's when Kwan her daughter came into the picture.

We wish we could have kept them all but that wouldn't be realistic. It was very hard to see any of them go but knowing that every single one of them was going to a PERFECT HOME made it so much easier on our part and we could not ask for anything better than that.

We had a friend in need and came into hard times in life and unfortunately could not care for her loving Boston Terrier puppy and wanted us to adopt him knowing he would be very happy and be given the life he deserves. Now that would be our Stud named Shadow and his name just fits him so well he follows you where ever you go, clumsy like the rest of the family, so yes he fits right in just like he always belonged here. Once he got older and we started using him as our stud little did we know how cute and perfect his puppies would be till that first litter. So we did what any dog lover would do we kept his first son and named him Mask. So far, that completes our Boston Terrier Family. You can meet the entire gang in the Stud and Dam page and I guarantee you if you were anything like us you would also fall in love with them and keep them.





In Loving Memory You will always be in our hearts.

Passed away on March 7,2006

The Angel



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